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Venue Suitability Guide

Whether you’re arranging a wedding, birthday party, or corporate function, there’s nothing better than a good live band to get the party going.  However, not all venues are suitable for a live band.

While your chosen venue may tell you that they have bands there all the time, it’s still a good idea to visit the venue and ask some questions to ensure that the venue and the band are compatible.

Is there enough space for the band?

Although we’ve been known to fit into some rather tight spaces, we still need room to arrange our equipment for the best sound, while still having room to move about safely, so we can give you the best visual experience.

When speaking to the venue, you should ensure that they have a performance area that is at least 4m wide by 3m deep and allowing additional space on either side for the speakers.

It is possible for us to set up in slightly more unusually shaped spaces, but it’s best to take photos and share these with us before booking.  It is also helpful if there is somewhere for us to store equipment cases, as these don’t look good on stage.  They should take up no more than 2m2 of floor space.

Can the venue handle our volume?

We never set out to deafen our audiences, but there is no escaping the fact that live bands are loud.  This is mainly because drum kits have no volume control and so, they dictate the volume level of the band.  The other instruments need to be set to a similar volume, so that the sounds can blend together.

Most rock bands play at an average volume of 110db (decibels) and we are no exception, but it can vary depending on the venue we are playing in.  Small venues with few people and a lot of hard surfaces can make for a very noisy experience, as the sounds are able to bounce around the room.  Large venues with a lot of people and soft surfaces make for a much quieter experience, as the sounds are absorbed more easily and are spread out through a bigger area.

When speaking to the venue, you should determine whether they have any volume limits and the times they apply between.  If they have a volume limit below 110db during the times you would like us to play, we recommend allowing us to speak with the venue, before confirming your booking with us so we can determine whether we are suitable for the venue.  For example, a limit of 100db might not sound like much less than 110dB, but the decibel scale is not a straight line, so 110db actually sounds almost twice as loud as 100db, not just 10% louder!

Do the venue have a sound limiter?

Sound limiters are electrical devices that measure the amount of volume, or noise, in a room.  If that volume reaches a certain level, the sound limiter is designed to cut the electric supply to the stage.  They are usually installed for environmental or health & safety reasons, but they can cause many problems.  In some settings, we have known sound limiters to cut the power as a result of an audience clapping or singing, so you can imagine how they might be affected by a live rock band!

If a sound limiter cuts the power mid-performance, it really spoils the mood and it can take several minutes for it to be reset.  It can also cause severe damage to our equipment, which much like a computer, is designed to be shut down properly, rather than just switched off.

If your chosen venue has one of these, it is worth asking if they will turn it off for your event and if they agree, ensure that they put this in writing.

Is there a suitable supply of power?

We’re not greedy when it comes to power usage, but we do insist on a safe supply of power.  You should ensure that the venue can provide us with 2 mains sockets (or one double socket) in the vicinity of the performance area.  For fire safety reasons, we will never plug into an extension lead that shares someone else’s equipment.

If there is a need for us to obtain power from a generator, it must be able to provide us with an uninterrupted supply of 2000W (watts) / 9A (amps) at 230V (volts).

Are you ready to book Reptilia?

If you or the venue have any questions or concerns about whether we are a suitable band for your event, please let us know.  We are always happy to talk through the specifics with you or the venue, so you can book with confidence.

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