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Reptilia play a wide variety of public and private events.  Why not come along to one of our public shows and join in the fun!


4th February - The Red Bull, Eccles

11th March - The Duke of Marlborough, Maidstone

29th April - Allington ACA, Maidstone

13th May - The Chequers, Sevenoaks

3rd June - The Red Bull, Eccles

22nd July - The Market House, Maidstone

29th July - Drakes, Maidstone

Kees 3 Covers.jpg
Gaz 3 Covers.jpg

19th August - The Druid's Arms, Maidstone

7th October - The Red Bull, Eccles

21st October - Drakes, Maidstone

4th November - The Druid's Arms, Maidstone

18th November - The Duke of Marlborough, Maidstone

15th December - The Shakespeare, Canterbury

29th December - The Market House, Maidstone

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